The Cuban Embassy is an independent VENUE BORN out of a passion for Cuba, Rum, Live Music AND GOOD FOOD.


Taking inspiration from the bars of La Habana our aim is to create the perfect party venue .

We have assembled a collection of over 120 of the finest rums from around the world and our Cuban cocktails are made exactly the way they are made in Havana.

Live music is at the heart of The Cuban Embassy, with performances 6 nights per week. During the week Resident Musicians perform Latin music with harp, guitar, piano, vocals, percussion and bass in the downstairs bar. On Friday and Saturday nights, our house band Rhythms Del Toro play an intoxicating mix of Latin and Latin Fusion into the early hours.


Viva La Cuban Embassy



St. Marys Row
Moseley, B13 8HW


Mon-Thur 5pm–12am

Fri 5pm–2am Sat 12:30pm–2am

Sun 12:30pm –11:30pm